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What are your goals?

Build Brand Awareness & Engagement

Increase Revenue & Drive Qualified Buyers

Oftentimes, companies get stuck with the label of "boring." Does that sound like your company? Well we are here to fix that. With our customized content, we can grow brand awareness about your product or services. Give your product and/or service the voice it needs to reach your audience.

Business is business and we understand. If your sales are plateauing and you need to drive more qualified leads toward your business, social media is an excellent way of doing that. There's beauty in tradition and if driving sales is your objective, we can help you bring more customers. 

Services List

Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Retain us and watch your business grow. Our services include all, or some, of the following:

Social Media Strategy

Content Creation

Paid Social Ads

Social Media Management

Measurement & Analytics

Image by Austin Distel

Social media services 

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Management

Are you utilizing LinkedIn correctly? Is Instagram a good platform to use? We keep up on the latest trends and growth opportunities that are happening in your industry. Anderson-Hicks Marketing will create a customized social media strategy to realize your growth objectives.

Creating and distributing content for social media can be exhausting and overwhelming. Let us take the load off! With social media management, Anderson-Hicks Marketing will create content, monitor online conversations, and provide audience engagement for your business.

Paid Advertising

An integrated approach is the best  approach in this digital era. Leverage earned and owned advertising with paid advertising for the best results for your business. Anderson-Hicks Marketing will optimize social media ad campaigns to turn clicks into conversions.


Do you have a goal you’re trying to achieve but don’t know where to begin? Start here.

Social Media Audit

Measurement & Analytics

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Management

Content Strategy

The AH!

Content Creation

Image by Jakob Owens

content creation services 

Content Strategy

 When done right, social media breaks down barriers. Whether we work with you for an hour or a year, Anderson-Hicks Marketing will help you to create sincere connections and show that there’s so much more to your company that meets the eye.

Visual Content

Conceptualize. Envision. Design. Develop. In today’s day and age, the need for a state-of-the-art and interactive online platform has become more essential than ever before. We provide clients a wide range of visual content services that bring their brand and vision to life. 


Pricing. Simplified.

We are NOT in the scam business. Know exactly what to expect and how to budget for your company.

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