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How to Determine the Best Social Media Platform for your Business

The social media world can be a little daunting for entrepreneurs, especially new or small-business owners. How do you know which platform is best for you?

As a business owner or small-business owner, it can be tempting to go with the one that looks the most fun to use. However, the truth is that it’s not what you use, it’s how you use. So how do you know which social media platform is best for your business?

The fact is, there are many social media platforms that offer a variety of unique benefits. It can be difficult to decide which one works best for your business. Luckily, we can help. Read on to learn how to determine the best social media platform for your business. What are the benefits of each social media platform?

Social media platforms are all about connecting with people. In this modern world, where so many of our communication choices are made online, there are many benefits to using social media platforms for your business. We’ll break down the benefits of each social media platform so you can make an informed decision.


Facebook is one of the largest social networking platforms in the world. According to statistics, approximately 3.2 billion people use Facebook. On average, each person spends about 30 minutes daily on Facebook, which makes this platform a great place to build a community of customers and followers.

With Facebook, you can post updates on your page, share inspirational quotes, and access business resources through their social media wall. You can also create a page for your business, track your followers and likes, and send business messages to friends and followers. In addition, Facebook allows you to create events to share with your followers.

Do some research before posting on Facebook. Facebook has certain rules and guidelines for its platform. One of these guidelines is that you must be authentic. Customers want to know that your business is based on real experiences, and what you share on Facebook must be true.


LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media platforms in the world. It’s also one of the most used platforms within the business world. The professional networking platform is perfect for networking with other professionals, especially in your industry. LinkedIn gives you the tools necessary to build your professional brand.

With LinkedIn, you can choose to post updates on your LinkedIn company page. On your company page, you can upload company photos, add a company bio, and add links to your website or social media channels. You can also choose to create a blog and add articles to your page. LinkedIn also offers its own set of professional tools, such as its own job board, recruiting tools, and many others.


One of the most popular social media platforms out there, Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users. Among that number, over 80% have an account on mobile devices. It is a great way to show your product or service to your target customers and build brand awareness. You can create a business account, set up a profile, and upload photos and videos to share with your followers on Instagram. Instagram allows you to post stories, photos, and videos, and to follow other accounts.

There are many different ways you can use Instagram for your business. You can use it as a marketing tool to build brand awareness and attract new customers. You can also use Instagram to show your followers behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your business. Or, you can even use Instagram to show your followers your day-to-day activities and life at your business.


YouTube is the second most-viewed website in the world. It is the second-largest search engine in the world, just behind Google. With over a billion users, YouTube is a great place to post videos of your business, create original content, and build brand awareness. You can upload videos of your business, create a playlist with videos exclusively for your business, and even create a Google Hangouts video for your business that can be shared with your followers and customers.

Twitter Twitter is a great place to engage with your followers and create a community around your brand. You can create a personal Twitter account or an account for your business. With Twitter, you can engage with your followers and share your website, Twitter handle, and business information. You can also create tweets with certain hashtags to gain even more exposure for your business on Twitter.

One of the most important things about Twitter is consistency. You need to post on Twitter on a regular basis. You don't want to get it wrong once, and then be sporadic with your posts after that.


Snapchat is a mobile application that allows users to share photos, videos, and messages with each other that disappear after they’re viewed. It’s similar to sending a photo or video through text messaging but in the digital realm.

You can also create stories, create events, and follow other accounts. There are many different ways you can use Snapchat for your business. You can post behind-the-scenes videos of your business, share photos of your product or service to promote your business, or even create a video based on a Snapchat filter that can help market your business.

Tik Tok

Similarly to Youtube, Tik Tok is a great platform to post short videos of your business, create original content, and build brand awareness.

Tik Tok offers a variety of video editing features that allow you to create interesting snippets that can be paired with current music. Tik Tok is a new social media platform but it has become a top performer for businesses. More opportunities for businesses become available as the platform continues to grow.

Tips for choosing the best social media platform for your business

Here are a few tips for choosing the best social media platform for your business:

Choose Social Media Platforms That Offer Value

It's important to choose the right platforms for your business because each one offers something different. For instance, Facebook is a great place to connect with consumers and generate leads. On Twitter, consumers can get in touch with your brand easily, while Pinterest is good for attracting more visual consumers. Instagram is also ideal for businesses with a strong visual component, while LinkedIn works well for B2B brands

Focus on Your Customers

The platform you choose should be the one where your audience spends the most time. You should do some research to understand how your customers behave on social media. This will help you choose the right social media platform for your business.

Don't Try to Be Everywhere

It's not always easy to be everywhere at once, so make sure that you're only focusing on platforms that are relevant to your audience and your business goals. By only paying attention to platforms that offer real value to you and your customers, you'll make sure that you're targeting the right audience at all times. This will help you increase customer loyalty and sales for your business. Conclusion Choosing the right social media platform for your business can seem like a daunting task. With so many platforms to choose from, which one should you use? Fortunately, it’s not as challenging as it may seem. Once you know the benefits and characteristics of each platform, you can easily decide which one is best for your business.

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